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A complete gastronomic experience for lovers of Japanese cuisine

Japanese restaurant Tekka is located at the west end of the ground floor of building D4. The extensive moth-watering menu is already well known to fans of Japanese cuisine, and the sophisticated contemporary interior and professional staff will provide you with a complete gastronomic experience in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

The restaurant has reserved parking lots for visitors at the west exit road of Centar 2000

Working hours are MON-SAT: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm.

Restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Više na: www.tekka.hr



Batak Grill Restaurant is located in the detached Building B


Pleasant atmosphere and excellent food are the key to a happy and satisfied guest. Our friendly staff will fulfil your gourmet wishes, provide you with excellent service and make sure that every meal is memorable.

Besides grilled meat, our diverse menu includes other interesting dishes and local specialties and famous Leskovac Grill. Restaurant guests can park in one of the Centar 2000 public garages.

More info at: www.batak-grill.hr





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Mail: info@centar2000.hr




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